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Business Projects. Whether you need ongoing administrative assistance or have an occasional special project, we can provide the services you want in the timeframe you desire. From letters to business proposals to employee manuals, we give all of your output a professional look. ?


Individuals & Students. Personal correspondence, resumes, school papers – we transform it from handwritten or typed copy into “just the way it ought to be.”?


Theses & Dissertations. A thesis or dissertation is one of the most challenging and time-consuming projects you will undertake in your scholastic career. Let us support you by providing editorial and formatting assistance. APA (American Psychological Association) format has been our specialty for more than 20 years. ?


Manuscripts, Books, Short Stories, Poetry, Plays. With you providing the guidelines, we will make sure your manuscript is typed in the format you require so that you can submit it with confidence.?


Proofreading & Editing. You want your project to be error-free to make the best impression possible on your readers. We will check it for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and continuity. We proofread websites, too. We make you look good!?


Handouts, Flyers & Programs. Our desktop publishing service will help you refine your message and create a design that is clear, distinctive, and appealing.?



Data Entry. Perhaps not the most glamorous of projects, but essential for mailing lists, directories, and mail-merge letters. Let our flying fingers do the work.?


Tape Transcription. From individual interviews to multi-person focus groups to lectures and meeting presentations. Standard size or micro cassette.?


College & Employment Applications, Legal Forms. Although the modern world long ago moved to computers, sometimes you have a document with a blank line that needs to be typewritten. For this, there’s nothing like the old-fashioned typewriter. We still have an electronic one, and we know how to use it!?











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